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Best PPC Company In Bangalore

Well as we all know PPC (Pay Per Click) is a process of getting clicks and generating leads online and setting up those campaigns are very easy, while optimizing it for making it’s cost-effective and maintaining it is the real challenge and that is where Seconds Digital Solutions, the Best PPC Company In Bangalore, comes into play.

Seconds Digital- The Best PPC company In Bangalore 

The way we serve our clients makes us say we are the Best PPC Company In Bangalore. At Seconds Digital Solutions We take care of all the requirements your business demands starting from Analysing yours and your competitor's business to creating a landing page to sending a weekly report we take care of all the things for you.

Seconds Digital Solutions provide all kind of paid ads to our clients. Our PPC and Google Ads professionals are having strong industry experience in handling client's campaigns and having expertise in maintaining the least cost per leads.

Seconds Digital PPC Services

Search Ads

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Professionals Are Having Expertise In Setting Up Search Ad Campaigns To Optimizing It To Sending Reports Management. We Design Your Search Ad Campaigns As Per Search Engines To Maintain The Quality Score Which Helps Strongly In Maintaining The Least Cost Per Leads / Conversions.

Video Ads

Video Ads Can Be tough As In Video Ads Content Is the Most Important Thing To Focus Than Optimisation but No Worries At Seconds Digital We Having Special Team Of Video Editors and Makers Who Deliver 1500+ Videos In a Year To Our Happy Clients and Yes Our PPC Experts Are Ready To Do Spread The Video And Creating A Brand Awareness Of Your Business as Well Pull Out The Maximum Leads From It.

Display Ads

Seconds Digital will Provide all Kinds of Services That Are Needed Including Banner Designing And Eye-catchy Content Creation On Banner For Setting Up Display Ads Campaigns. Our Experts Are Experienced In Researching Topics and Platforms For Your Display Ads To Show And Helps To Maintain The Least Cost Per View and maintaining the High Conversion Rates As Possible.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads Campaigns Are The Favourite For  Digital marketers Where They Can Pull Out The Maximum Leads With Spending Less Penny Compare To Other Campaigns Setups  As They Have Already Collected The Data Of Interested Customers Who Visited Our Websites and Target Them and Look a Like to them audience Which Increases Our Chance To Collect More Leads.

Mobile Ads

We Can Setup Ads For Mobile Users As Well, Where We can Show Our Ads Only In Mobile Devices Like For Installing An App. We Can Also Show A Image Banner On A Relevant App Or Website Only On Mobile Devices

Shopping Ads

Running Ads For Ecommerce Can Be A Big Challenge To Take, Optimising and Bidding For Each Product Can Tough Enough To Manage, Maintaining ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is What Should Be Your Target but No Worries, Our Team Is Always There To Help Our Clients. Our Team Consists Of Ecommerce Specialists Who Are Holding Rock Hard Experience On Working With Ecommerce Websites That's Why We Are Best PPC Company In Bangalore.

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Process

  • Accounts, Campaign, and Tracking Setup
  • Advanced Keyword, Topic, and Placement Research
  • Creating Astounding Ad copies and Content As Per Campaign Requirements
  • Bids And Budget management
  • Monitoring, Analysing and Amending The Setups For Better Performance
  • Campaigns ROI, CPL and ROAS Calculations and Optimisation
  • Creating Easy To Understand Reports Periodically.

Advantages Of PPC Over SEO

  • Instant Ranking
  • Immediate Result
  • Quantifiable Data and Performance
  • Faster Way For Brand Awareness
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Tracking ROI Is Easy
  • Better Ad Copies and Much More